Content Management Systems (CMS)

Waterside Designs offer a wide range of unique Content Management Systems (CMS) that are both secure and easy to use. If you are looking to keep your web content fresh and updated regular then you need a Content Management System – a personalised  software and database package that will put you in the driving seat of your online content. CMS is the best way to manage and update website or intranet content using a range page templates, which can be easily accessed, edited and added to your website.

The ease with which you can use our CMS systems means that you can update them almost anywhere, so can provide relevant content as and when it is required. This not only makes your business seem more dynamic but also helps boost search engine rankings. Using PHP or ASP, Waterside Designs can tailor bespoke CMS packages to meet your business’ exact requirements. However, you may already be familiar with the popular WordPress CMS, in which case we are more than happy to create sites based on this system.

A website is often the first impression prospective customers get of a company. If you think of it like the shop front for your business., then it’s easy to see why content needs updating regularly, much like a window display that hasn’t changed for months creates the impression of a stagnation and carelessness. Adding relevant content such as news, views and product information helps show that your company cares about its field. Having a website that evolves rather than being static is a reflection of business that is forward-thinking, dynamic and in touch with changes within its own industry and markets. Likewise, content can reflect the human side of your business and allow you to connect with customers. Indeed it’s becoming increasingly common – particularly in the hospitality industry – for bosses to produce personal blogs about company events or the extra-curricular achievements of employees. However, if you would like to create regular written content but neither have the time nor the inclination, then we have in-house copywriters with the right tone and register to make content seem personal or professional with a style in keeping with your brand.

Waterside Designs offer customised CMS systems that are password protected and super easy to use. Moreover, our systems is unique and tailor-made to suit the needs of each client. Our CMS is all designed in-house and our hands-on approach means that we can give you products that offer you complete control and maximum flexibility. The added advantage of this level of control is that updating content can be more or less instantaneous, which means you can speedily add or remove content in a crisis. Likewise, the simplicity and intuitiveness of our CMS systems means that even the most technically Illiterate employee should be able to use them with minimum training. In most scenarios the process is as simple as copy, paste and update.

Every Website Design Package supplied by Waterside Designs comes complete with our powerful content management software which empowers you to make changes to any page on your website as often as you like. If your website was produced by a company other than Waterside Designs then we can install our content management software onto your website for you.

Key Features
User friendly interface
Just point and click its that easy! No technical or programming skills are required. Our CMS also comes with a clear user guide and a handy online help system.
Fast and simple
All editing is performed in your browser allowing you to maintain your website from any internet enabled computer.
Powerful file management
No need for FTP. Create files, upload files from your hard drive, copy, rename and delete files all from within your browser.
WYSIWYG editing
If you can use MS Word then you can use this. Rich text formatting, search, replace, undo, cut, copy, paste tables, links and much much more..
Create web forms easily with text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, buttons and more all from within your browser.
Other features
Spell checking, multiple users with restrictions, image uploader, powerful hyperlink generator, previews, backups its got the lot.


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