Domain Names

At Waterside Designs we believe that a good domain name is an essential part of online marketing. A solid, professional-sounding domain name not only inspires customer confidence but also helps you to get  ahead in the highly competitive online marketplace. It is also important to think carefully when choosing a domain name because it might appear to compromise the 'brand unity' of another company. This is not simply a case of infringement of copyright or intellectual property theft. We have heard of many cases where larger corporations have forced smaller companies to change their domain name because it has a slight similarity, which they feel weakens their brand image. If this happened could you afford the legal fees involved in defending your company and domain name?

You may have heard the term “cybersquat” before and wondered what it meant? This is a form of entrepreneurial opportunism, when an individual or company buys up all possible alternative domain names for your business. In order to avoid such a scenario you need to be forward-thinking and consider the direction your business might go in the future, for example a small-scale shop can grow to be an international chain store or distribution company. In a case like this the company might already own a but want to purchase a .com, only to find that someone already owns it and is looking to sell it back to you at an extortionate price.  

Waterside Designs will work with you to help choose and secure a good solid domain name that has longevity and fits with your long term goals as a business. By assessing your competitors and their specialisms and USPs we can ensure that your chosen domain name boosts your SEO and raises your online visibility to push you to the top of search engine rankings.

So if you are putting together your business plan and considering your company name and domain name, give us a call on 01227 200 708 to arrange a FREE consultation meeting. Moreover, if you purchase a .com name through us then we will give you the name FREE for two years!



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