Increased working hours and the geographical distancing of friends and relatives has meant that increasingly people are choosing to shop for goods and services online. Therefore, e-commerce is becoming one of the fastest growing business sectors. E-commerce is a broad term, however, which encompasses any kind of online interaction between a business and an individual that involves a financial transaction. This includes various methods of payment from credit or debit card to Paypal or wire transfer. However, the method of transaction matters little if potential customers can't find your business online. That's why Waterside Designs have an integrated marketing policy in which Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is key to developing websites that target the right customers for your business. SEO is an intergral part of e-commerce but getting potential customers to your website is just the beginning. Your site needs to be as user-friendly, visually exciting and dynamic as possible and more importantly secure, so that the end user feels confident to make financial transactions on your site.

At Waterside Designs we pride ourselves on creating well designed user-friendly e-commerce systems that encourage “click-throughs” rather than chase prospective customers away. A good e-commerce site  inspires confidence through ease of use, and via fast, efficient and secure online transactions, which encourage repeat custom. If these things are in place then customers will choose your business over those of your competitors, simply because they prefer the look and feel of your website. Customer loyalty is based on trust and something as simple as a professional-sounding domain name, when combined with a solid, trustworthy brand image, goes a long way towards building a good client base. Moreover, our web team use the research and development process to ensure that customers get the kind of online experience that you wish them to have.



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