Search Engine Optmisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important part of web development as it is the process that enables your website to be 'seen' by major search engines like Google. SEO improves your online visibility by pushing your site up the rankings of major search engines, in particular Google, which is responsible for bringing the most inbound traffic to e-commerce sites. However, online visibility is a two-way process because in order to make it easy for major search engines to 'pick you up' in the sea of websites – perhaps offering similar products and services – it is important to have good SEO. Waterside Designs have the SEO know-how to ensure that your site is appears in the top-ten of major search engines and we aim to get your business at or near the top of the first page of Google.

Waterside Designs are experts in focusing on the Unique Selling Points of businesses to ensure that their products and services stand out from the crowd in today's highly competitive and constantly changing online marketplace. In this direction, we research and analyse your competitors and tarket market to check that you are using the best keywords, titles and meta descriptions to ensure  that your website has maximum online visability and that customers are not overlooking your business for inferior products and services. Moreover, we look at your content in detail, focusing on technical aspects of your website rather than page copy in order to provide you with the best possible SEO strategy. This is not a static process  as Google's SEO quality guidelines and recommendations change constantly, so at Waterside Designs we ensure that our SEO strategies are reviewed regularly. In doing this we strive to keep ahead of the game, to not simply maintain your website's ranking with search engines but also to improve it!

Waterside Designs have a number of simple but effective methods to that guarantee high rankings for your website in all major search engines.:

Website optimisation
Submission & re-optimisation programme
Effective tracking
Building of quality inbound links

Further to this fail-safe approach we also integrate our SEO strategies with marketing, which means we focus on increasing your online visibility so you can avoid unnecessary advertising costs. Many people assume that SEO is simply a case of following online advise about keywords and HTML content. However, without an integrated marketing strategy and the expertise of a web company who can implement a coordinated plan to cover all aspects of web development, it is extremely difficult to achieve the results you are hoping for. It is only through our policy of constant vigilance, in which our SEO team track inbound traffic, analyse results and think laterally in order to target the kinds of keywords and phrases your clients are most likely to search for. After all, it is only through client-targeted SEO that it is possible to reach out to potential customers by providing online visibility for connecting the products and services you provide, with people who are looking for them.

Google Algorithm Changes
In order to maintain its reputation as the world's leading search engine, Google keep ahead of their competitors by changing their algorithms regularly, which whilst being great for them makes things much more difficult for you. It means that many more factors and numerous variables need to be taken into account in order to maintain the online visibility of your business. You may have heard terms like Google Penguin and Google Panda but now there's Google Pigeon and Pirate to consider! Waterside Designs ensures that we keep ahead of Google changes.


Traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the fine tuning (optimising) of a web site to reflect specific key phrases that are relevant to your business and for which you want to attract visitors to your web site.
The term optimisation refers to a variety of elements, not only on your web site's homepage but all of the other web pages as well, ensuring maximum exposure on the World Wide Web.
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Guaranteed results
Because we thoroughly research the keywords first we are confident that we will achieve high positions within the search engines - so confident that we are willing to offer you a money back guarantee if we don't.
Our guaranteed search engine optimisation service includes:
  • Keyword research
  • Optimise and promote the home page
  • Link popularity and keyword density analysis
  • Fix HTML errors
  • Manual submission to major search engines
  • Manual submission to major directories
  • Summary reports
  • Submission report
  • Spider crawling report
  • Web ranking report
  • Reciprocal linking
  • Link directory
SEO examples
Pentagon Auto Tint (
Pentagon Auto Tint specialise in car window tinting. Whilst they were optimised for local phrases around the Reading and Berkshire area, they now appear on the first page of Google for more generic phrases:
Elixarome (
Elixarome produce and sell essential oils and are now appearing highly in Google and other search engines for the following:
Martin Moore Stone (
Martin Moore Stone are Natural Stone experts and are now appearing highly in Google and other search engines for the following:


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