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Social media has been around for a while now but there’s no denying that it has become fully integrated into people’s lives. We rely on the ease with which we can interact with friends and relatives who were once hard to stay in contact with due to geographical distancing. However, social media like Facebook and Twitter are not just about maintaining social networks but also a fundamental way in which people hear about products and services. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to consider social media in the way your business markets itself.

Take your pick of company websites and the chances are the home page will include a Twitter feed or if the business is more arts and crafts orientated, an Instagram feed. The reason for this is it shows that your business is engaging with its end-users and encouraging a more interactive relationship than the one-way approach of email promotions and newsletters. A major advantage of maintaining social media profiles is that it increases in-bound traffic to your website via customers “liking”, “sharing” or “tweeting” content. Many companies reward customers for this by entering their details into a prize draw for free goods and services. However, the expense of a give-away more than pays for itself in the free advertising of customers’ “sharing” or “retweeting” a promotion. Inbound traffic can also be encouraged by the use of in-house or contracted blog for your business, which can then be shared to your social media pages. Blogs can be useful in not only containing inbound links to your website but also by utilising specific keywords and search terms, it can help increase the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. A blog can also act as a landing page for your website! All in all, the integration of social media into your website is the best way to capitalise on the “one click away” mentality of the information age.

Social media is also a great way to reinforce brand loyalty by showing customers that you are human! Sharing relevant content and news about products and services that might interest customers helps your business to come across as more friendly and personable. It’s a way of connecting with end-users. Moreover, sharing your latest ideas and innovations with customers is also a way of showing them that you are still ahead of the game in your field – it’s an expression of your ongoing relevance in the marketplace.

Waterside Designs are happy to set up social media profiles for your business and plan and implement a social media marketing strategy. We can also help you to maintain your social media presence by providing ongoing support to ensure that the social media strategy reaches the right people and brings in the best returns for your money in terms of inbound traffic and increased revenue. Give us a call on 01227 200 708 and we can discuss your social media needs in greater detail.


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